The Week

Who: For young marrieds and families with young children. Please note that teenagers will not be catered for during the week. Please note that the week will be catering for a maximum of 50 family units.

Dates: 2nd July to 8th July 2017 God willing

Location: Rathmines Bible School, Lake Macquarie


Adults $300.00

Child (5-12): $120.00

Child (3-4): $65.00

Structure:  The week will comprise of three major components including:

1. Morning Session One: Growing Kids Gods Way (Bro. Ben Pitcher)

Bro. Ben will be guiding us through a series of practical workshops based around the theme ‘Growing Kids Gods Way’. The course is divided into five sections and will include:

  1. Parenting Scriptural Principles
  2. Family in Last Days
  3. Foundations of Family
  4. Boundaries and Freedoms
  5. Coaching Godly Teenagers

2. Morning Session Two: Personal Spiritual Time

This valuable time can be used to develop your spiritual relationship with your God, free from any distractions. Please bring your own resources for this session. Resources can be provided if required.

3. Evening Session: Reaching Out & Finding God (Bro. David Mansfield)

Bro. David will be leading the evening sessions based around the theme ‘Reaching Out and Finding God’ where we will consider practical help and advice from different men and women in scripture who found God when life was difficult. Topics will include:

  1. Making a good decision and sticking to it.
  2. Keeping focus when life is inconvenient.
  3. Is God still with us when we do dumb things.
  4. Working with angels.
  5. A prayerful response in difficult circumstances.
  6. Reigniting enthusiasm when you are on the way to nowhere.

Kids (2-12) will be catered for during the morning sessions.

We look forward to what promises to be a spiritually uplifting week God willing.

The week is sponsored by the Riverwood Ecclesia.